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Welcome back to our neighbourhood series in Singapore! Get excited as we dive into the past and present of our iconic local estates. Who knows? Perhaps, you’ll find a new neighbourhood where you want to plant your next home in. Read on for interesting places to visit this weekend, delicious haunts, and fun facts about Queenstown.

Queenstown Estate Area

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Named after Queen Elizabeth II to mark her first coronation anniversary, Queenstown is the first satellite town in Singapore. It would later be the model that would mark the unique Singaporean housing experience with plenty of facilities like swimming pool, library, sports complex, polyclinic (subsidised private healthcare) and many more within walking distance.

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Interesting Places to Visit

Queenstown Public Library is Singapore’s oldest public library and the only library to on the conservation list. Immerse yourself in the library of the past. There’s a children’s corner and café at Level 1 and a quiet study area at Level 2. Catch the last look of history before it’s closed for a 2-year revamp in 2025!

A stone’s throwaway is where you’ll find the colonial Black and White Bungalows or angmoh chus (westerner’s homes). Built by the British back in the 1930s, it was used to house military personnel. You won’t be able to enter these houses, but you can take pictures from afar.

Tan Teck Wah recounts, “My brothers and I would always walk across the railway tracks and make our way to the Ang Mo Chus. These houses were big and beautiful, and it seems like a paradise. We would play catching and hide-and-seek there.”

When you’re done, you can head up to the rooftop gardens of Skyville @ Dawson for free. This public housing gives you a 360-degree view of Singapore’s landscape. It’s quite a sight to behold! Pack a little picnic because there are seats up there for you to admire the view with a snack in your hand.

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Places to Eat

The newly opened Margaret Market with the Margaret Drive Hawker next to it will give you a mix of modern and historical experience. Margaret Market have many boutiques local brands, first-time vendors and entrepreneurs selling tasty food. Look out for the furniture and decor around because it mimics old HDB void deck seats. There are mental and physical wellbeing clinics up in Level 2 as well.

Courtesy of National Archives of Singapore.

Fun Facts

The many firsts of Singapore started in Queenstown. The first HDB blocks and HDB terraces (local bungalows) were built here. It’s a rare sight now because the lease years for these HDB terraces are ending soon. It also boasts the first public housing skyscraper, point blocks, polyclinic, neighbourhood sports complex, flatted factory, branch library and many more.

Looking to live in Queenstown? Reach out to to embark on your house search journey. Watch out for the next edition of “What’s in Your Neighbourhood?” where we’ll explore the Tiong Bahru estate!