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Vesper Homes was established in 2014. With a long-standing experience stemmed from her roots in the UK, Vesper Homes prides herself on unwavering standards when it comes to reliability and requirements.

We offer commercial solutions across Offices and F&B. We seek to provide the knowledge and guidance for your business to be successful.

Our services are end-to-end to make you stress-free.

Most prestigious businesses and financial hub are located in the Central Business District (CBD). Offices typically rented here with good public transportation connectivity. Networking and food options are aplenty with the famous Lau Pa Sat within walking distance.

Some key factors to note when choosing an office space are:
1. Rental Prices
The greater floor size, the higher rental costs. It’s important to assess how much office space you really need. This will save you time and resources to focus your search on office listings that suit your corporate needs. A pantry, conference rooms and other amenities will also raise the overall costs. 

2. Hidden Costs
Remember to factor in regular maintenance costs like hiring cleaners or unforeseen repair services that are needed. 

3. Networking Opportunities
It’s important to pick a place with strong networking. The proximity to potential industries and events can allow companies to promote relationship-building and corporate expansion. 

4. Rent Free Fitting Out Period
No rent is due to the tenant during this time. The landlord determines how much time is allocated in this period but you may request for an extension, if your office is larger. 

There are 3 grade class for offices in Singapore: A, B and C. The grade depends on factors like physical characteristics, location and price. 

Grade A offices are usually found in the CBD with excellent amenities and networking opportunities. But the rent prices are really high! 
Grade B offices only fall short of Grade A in minor ways. But it’s cost-effective and the office standards are of decent to fair quality. 
Grade C offices offers low rental prices that is good for those with limited budget and no preference for quality. 

Singapore has 7 different kinds of offices. Focusing on the 3 most well-liked, there are: 
1. Shophouses
Little terraced homes with covered walkways built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It serves both residential and commercials purposes.

2. Serviced Office
Leased space or designated floors to other businesses. There are shared common areas like pantries, meeting rooms and restrooms.

3. Conventional Office
The best kind of office space for those looking to lease for at least 6 years.

We have established ourselves as an Estate Agency with a dedicated Tenant and Property Management Team to support clients end-to-end: from your initial search, day-to-day needs until the day you move out and recover your deposit. Through our customer-centric and quality service, we strive to be your go-to agency of choice.

We deeply care about our clients and want to ensure a successful office relocation/ opening for you. We are always on the lookout for ways to provide you with the best service possible. We will provide customised solutions for your specific circumstances and needs, as well as reliable information to help you understand what will work best for you.

Once we find the best solution that works for you, we will take action to secure the property of your choice. We will guide you through the entire negotiation process, helping you understand the dos and don’ts, what you can ask for or request, and areas to pay attention to so that you can secure the property of your choice with the best possible deal.

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“Cyril is the most professional real estate agent I have come across. I would actually call him a “lifestyle consultant, relocation advisor and a trusted partner” all rolled into one. Cyril has this inherent ability to understand his client’s taste, specifications of the property & everything around it, match it with the budget and has always been able to help a client realize their dream house.

Cyril is very prompt, disciplined & ethical with his commitments and has an incredibly amiable personality that makes the process an enjoyable experience. I have recommended him to several friends and colleagues from my professional network and they would all echo the same sentiments. Cyril is your go-to person for any real-estate needs whether you want to find a place to rent, buy or sell."

Girja B., Technology Services Leadership
Teo Grönvall Lund
Teo Grönvall Lund
12 February 2024
I have lived in Sweden, Spain, UK and Denmark. I have moved multiple times in some of these countries. I was astonished by the level of service provided when re-locating to Singapore. Found Vesper via personal reference and from first contact with Amanda, and later on with Noelle and their team, they have been outstanding. They not only helped us find the best option by driving us around to >10 residences all over Singapore, they also helped us sign up for utilities and other necessities which are gruesome to sign up for as an expat. After the signing was completed they were also available for advice on house-keeping and other things related to the move. I warmly recommend using their services. Absolute pros!
18 November 2023
Vesper homes were fantastic with our home search. They were so knowledgeable about all the different condo options and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our choice. They looked at a wide range of options and were so accommodating with our requests. I couldn't recommend them enough.
Nadezda Noskova
Nadezda Noskova
8 November 2023
The services provided by Vesper Homes were superb. As we moved to Singapore from another country, they have helped our family to land a great apartment at a good price without us needing to communicate with any agents or landlords, guided us through all the bureaucracy and, of course, provided us with insights on optimal locations for accommodation. Moving to a new country always comes with a bunch of uncertainty, but thanks to our agents we were able to settle down here very smoothly and in record time. We would definitely recommend Vesper homes to anyone looking to find an apartment/office in Singapore without stress and hustle .
Philippe Gillès de Pélichy
Philippe Gillès de Pélichy
8 November 2023
We had the pleasure of working with Cyril from Vesper Homes, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Cyril's expertise and dedication truly stood out as he helped us find the perfect flat to rent in Singapore, not once but twice. From the very beginning, Cyril quickly grasped our expectations and made the process smooth and efficient. Cyril's knowledge of the Singapore real estate market is unparalleled, and he has an extensive network of properties at his fingertips. Within no time, he provided us with a list of potential places and arranged visits promptly. His assistance with "etat des lieux" during the move-in process was invaluable, ensuring that we wouldn't be held responsible for pre-existing damages when moving out. What sets Cyril and Vesper Homes apart is their commitment to making your relocation hassle-free. They took care of all the essential arrangements, including setting up utilities, electricity, water, and internet. This is a significant relief for newcomers to Singapore who may not be familiar with the local procedures. In addition, Cyril displayed outstanding professionalism. He went above and beyond, helping us secure a rental and providing expert guidance throughout the process. Our experience with Vesper Homes was not just satisfactory; it was a true pleasure. They transformed what can be a stressful process into an enjoyable and stress-free experience. If you're in search of a home to rent in Singapore, we highly recommend Cyril and his team. Their expertise, dedication, and exceptional service will undoubtedly make your housing journey a smooth and successful one. Thank you, Cyril and the entire Vesper Homes team!
7 November 2023
Vesper homes have an excellent and highly professional team. We absolutely love the property they found for us. They also reply and deal with any queries/requests we have almost instantly which is pretty impressive. 100% reliable.
Errol Levy
Errol Levy
7 November 2023
My family used the Vesper Homes team to find a home in Singapore. They contune to provide an effective, efficient and comprehensive service. Happy to recommend them!
Arvind Srivastav
Arvind Srivastav
6 November 2023
We want to thank the Vesper Homes team for finding us a beautiful apartment in Singapore. Amanda, Cyril, and team didn't just help with the house hunt professionally but were invested personally in helping us settle in comfortably--looking at the finer details, giving honest advice, patiently understanding and trying to solve the reasonable and the unreasonable asks, and available a call away throughout the lease period. They are a good bunch. The kind you can grab a drink with and share a laugh. Thank you and best of luck, Team Vesper.
Romain Bruyer
Romain Bruyer
7 September 2023
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Vesper home for their outstanding service in helping us renting our dream condo in Singapore. Cyril was incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market in Singapore and took the time to understand our needs and budget. They showed us a wide variety of properties, but they were always honest and upfront about the pros and cons of each one. they drive us all over Singapore to see the properties we were interested in. They were also very patient with us as we went through the home renting process, and they were always available to answer our questions. They were a pleasure to work with, and they made the entire process stress-free and enjoyable. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to rent a home in Singapore.
gaetan gallant
gaetan gallant
6 September 2023
Cyril and his team are highly professional. Firstly, Cyril showed me numerous flats in different areas to give me an idea of what Singapore has to offer, as I had just arrived a week ago. He quickly understood my expectations and found several flats that matched them. His team handled all the administrative processes efficiently and were very punctual and flexible with scheduling. They were also very helpful during the handover, ensuring that the description of the flat's condition was accurate. Even now that I am settled, they remain accessible in case of any issues, which is greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend their services!
Isabelle Kam
Isabelle Kam
25 August 2023
We had a great experience with Cyril and Amanda who helped us finding our current home. They were particularly helpful with: 1. Planning the visits -- that saved us a lot of time and we found a place within 1 week. 2. Ensuring our criteria were met, we are very happy about our new place. 3. Paperwork & communication before and after move in. Highly recommend!

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