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Singapore occasionally finds WW2 relics from the past. You might question, what was it like in the past? Uncover the heritage and hidden secrets behind the modern neighbourhoods that you’re living in today.

According to URA, Boat Quay, Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India are Historic District Areas. There is a few Heritage Trails you can visit hereIn this series, we will be highlighting a few neighbourhoods and share interesting places to visit, eat and fun facts to learn.


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Bukit Timah means “Tin Hill” in Malay. Some reckon that locals first coined the place as Bukit Temak due to the abundance of Temak trees on the map it was found. But there are no tins in the area though.


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Interesting Places to Visit

One of the most iconic places and historical sites that you can still visit today is the Bukit Timah Railway Station. First opened on 1 January 1903, it boasts first class ride from Singapore to Bukit Timah at 56 cents and a return ride at 84 cents. Third class fares are 21 and 32 cents respectively. Locals used to visit Johore, Malaysia with the railway. 

This is a popular spot for people who love the outdoors and photography enthusiasts. The 2 conserved buildings include: Bukit Timah Railway Station and Railway Staff Quarters. It’s a heritage gallery where you can see the old ticketing booth, train wagons and restored track switching. Watch out! You might even find a geocache or two.

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Places to Eat

Adam Road Food Centre has a famous Malay store, Selera Rasa, that you must try. Their Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice) is a savoury dish with fragrant rice and ikan bilis (fried anchovies). You can also add chicken wings or a fried fish to your meal. Head there early as there’s always a long queue! If the store is closed, there are other tasty local dishes to try as well. Please note that the hawker centre is currently closed for redecoration and repairs from 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2023.


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Fun Facts

One of the largest McDonald’s in Singapore was opened here at King Albert Park in 1991. The place had the HQ and training centre for Southeast Asia, affectionately known as “Hamburger University”. Students in the area loved to frequent the 433-seat and 24-hours outlet. It has now been replaced with a condominium and commercial complex.

Now that you’ve learnt more about the Bukit Timah neighbourhood, the best way to experience it is to live in them! Please reach out to us at to explore other neighbourhood too.