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A Message from Our Founder Cyril Tuzemen

We haven’t sent out a newsletter in years! I blame being busy and expanding the Team. Vesper Homes is turning 10 next year, it is time we grow up and do this consistently. The idea is to provide our clients, friends and partners regular updates and fun behind-the-scenes.

The past 3 years have been hectic. We went through COVID19 – like everyone – yet unexpectedly, we had one of the craziest property markets in the past decade. Prices went through the roof; inventory went to its lowest. Every deal became a boxing match.

Now we can’t complain about what happened, we made a lot of money as prices have been at their highest and places would stay on the market just for a few days. But it’s also been the most nerve-wracking time since we’ve been in business. Every deal has been a fight and we didn’t have time to think twice.

The market is now quiet and will remain like this for a while – interest rates, less arrivals, peak prices… are some of the reasons we should be able to take our time in the next couple of months. We will try and provide more insight through our future updates.

In the meantime, hope to reconnect with all of you through social media or face-to-face. Below are some of the coming initiatives we have.

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To thank you for your support, any Google and Facebook review posted in August or September will enter a draw and 3 of you will win $100 vouchers.

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We Expanded Our Team

Let’s welcome our brand new Marketing Executive, Isabella Cordelia! 

She’s excited to pioneer new ideas and set the real estate industry ablaze with her creativity. When she’s not in office, she’s out there solo travelling or bungy jumping. 

In the next season for Vesper Homes’ marketing era, we’re going to anchor our marketing strategy on the 4Vs: VALUE, VIBE, VOICE and VIEW. You can expect new content that will provide VALUE through helpful hot takes, useful tips and tricks through our Blogs. Find out what’s it like to join us on house viewing sessions in our latest blog post. Come and VIBE with us as we share funny and relatable content following trendy memes and property jokes.

Feel heard as we give VOICE to key opinion leaders like our founder, Cyril Tuzemen sharing about the latest market trends, and we’ll also feature your reviews on our platforms. Finally, peek into our world as you VIEW behind-the-scenes content on what happens in the office to bring the best possible service to you.

Join us on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube as we VALUE, VIBE, VOICE & VIEW!

Updates from Vesper Group (UK)

James Cameron, Director at Vesper Group shares that major lenders including HSBC, Nationwide and TSB have all reduced their pricing in recent weeks as swap rates ease and despite expectation that the Bank of England will push the cost of borrowing up towards 6% next month.

Rents have steadied across the UK and are now up 5.3% compared to autumn 2022.

Check Out Our Featured Developments:

Aspen, Canary Wharf

Prices from £550,000 with just a 5% deposit – completion in 2024

Aspen is inspired by beautiful riches and treasures that complement and contrast Offering exceptional studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, which are designed to the highest standard offset by rich and sophisticated colour palette. 

Ancoats Gardens, Manchester

Prices from £279,950 –  Now completed

Ancoats Gardens is a sustainable, new-build development aimed at professionals seeking a sophisticated, convenient and social living experience in the heart of Manchester city centre. Featuring 155 high-spec 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments.