Look to refresh your space without breaking the tenancy agreement? We’ve got 10 tips on how to redecorate your space in a rental friendly way. There are creative ways to make your homes yours without losing your deposit. Afterall, this is a space you’ll call home for this current season.

1. Multipurpose Furniture

Choose multipurpose furniture that are versatile for your home. Ottomans are popular options as seats, foot stools and extra storage space that is hidden. You can also add sofa beds in your guest rooms. When there are no overnight guests around, the room can function as a rest and relax corner. Pick tables with storage embedded for added functionality.


2. Modular Seats

Pick sofas with movable parts for the option to change up the look and feel of the living room space. Modular seating arrangements makes it easy to rearrange the space to host more guests too.

3. Art

For all the artsy folks out there, make your own art and frame it up with pride. Fill the space with art that is meaningful to you. If not, support a local artist by purchasing statement pieces of your choice. It can really jazz up the space even beyond paintings if you get items like pottery and the like.

4. Mirrors

Use mirrors to enlarge the room, especially in smaller corners of the house. Some mirrors have interesting designs that can draw the attention of guests to.  

5. Rugs

Add a quick pop of colour with rugs. The process is fuss free and it makes the space look cosier. Take note to pick the appropriately sized rugs. The larger the rug, the bigger your room can feel.

6. Command Strips

The world is your oyster with command strips because it’s easy to stick and peel off. You can add in small (and big) changes to the house by hanging up some of the items mentioned above. 

7. Plants (Fake or Real)

Greenery can bring life into the home. Fret not, if you don’t have green fingers. Simply add in fake plants of your choice and never think about it again. Think about how you can strategically place various sizes of plants around you. 

8. Lights

Whether it’s lamps or smaller mood lighting, it can help to set the mood. Create areas in the home where you can wind down. Pro tip! Pick lamps that have unique designs so that when the lights are not on, it can still add artistic value.

9. Gallery Wall

Make home really feel like home by filling it with photos of people you love. Set up a gallery wall and use frames while keeping the overall theme in mind. Fill it with pictures of travels or places that remind you of good memories. 

10. Furniture Slipcovers

If your house comes partially furnished or if you’re tired of your existing furniture, add on slipcovers. You can change the colours and style through it. Suddenly, you have brand new furniture without doing much.

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